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Outsource Your HR and Payroll Services for Small Business

At Glen Recruiters Payroll and HR Services, we pride ourselves on offering only top-quality outsourced payroll and HR solutions to aid small-scale businesses like yours. Our services aim to streamline your operations while saving time and ensuring compliance with rules and regulations regarding HR/Payroll.

Why Choose Glen Recruiters?


With years of payroll and HR industry expertise and knowledge, we possess the expertise required to fulfil your payroll and HR requirements quickly, precisely, and efficiently.

Customized Solutions

At HR & Payroll Solutions, we recognize the unique needs of each business are different; that is why our services can be customized specifically to your requirements.


Outsourcing payroll and HR tasks can significantly cut expenses associated with hiring and overseeing in-house HR employees.

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Payroll And HR Services Streamline Your Business Operations

Payroll And HR Outsourcing - Simplify Your Workforce Management

Are You Tired Of Spending Countless Hours Managing Your Payroll And HR Tasks? At Our Payroll And HR Outsourcing Solutions, We’ll Handle Every Administrative Task For Your Benefit – Leaving You Free To Expand Your Business. At The Same Time, We Take On Time-Consuming Administrative Duties Like Payroll Processing Accurately And Efficiently. Let Us Handle It All So You Don’t Have To!

Outsourced HR And Payroll Services - Experience Seamless Integration

Running A Business Is Challenging, And Managing HR And Payroll Can Be Overwhelming. Our HR And Payroll Outsourcing Solutions Integrate Smoothly With Existing Systems To Offer You Seamless Employee Onboarding, Benefits Administration, Payroll Processing And Tax Preparation. So You Can Concentrate On Running The Company Effectively! Let Us Handle It All So You Can Focus On What’s Important: Managing It.

Payroll And HR Services For Small Businesses - Tailored Solutions For Your Needs

As A Small Business Owner, You Understand The Importance Of Effective HR And Payroll Management. An Absence Of Resources And Expertise May Make Managing Tasks A Challenging Undertaking. Yet, Our Payroll And HR Solutions For Smaller Companies Provide Customized Yet Affordable Solutions That Allow You To Focus On Growth And Profit Maximization Rather Than Administrative Duties.

Unlock Your Business Potential With Professional Payroll And HR Services

Are You Looking To Unlock Your Business’s True Potential? Our Professional Payroll And HR Services Can Help You Achieve Just That. By Partnering With Us, You Gain Access To A Team Of Experienced HR Professionals Who Will Streamline Your Processes, Ensure Compliance, And Maximize Your Workforce’s Productivity. Upleap To Success With Our Comprehensive HR And Payroll Solution.

Say Goodbye To HR Headaches - Trust Our Payroll And HR Experts

Managing HR Tasks Can Be Complex And Time-Consuming, Often Leading To Headaches For Business Owners. Say Goodbye To Those HR Headaches And Entrust Your Payroll And HR Needs To Our Team Of Experts. We Bring Years Of Experience And Expertise, Ensuring Your HR Processes Are Smooth, Efficient, And Compliant. We Will Handle All Other Details While You Focus On Growing Your Business.

Payroll and HR Outsourcing - Simplify Your Workforce Management

Highlight the benefits of outsourcing payroll and HR tasks, emphasizing the time and effort saved.

Outsourced HR and Payroll Services - Experience Seamless Integration

Emphasize the seamless integration of our services with the client’s existing systems, reducing complexity and ensuring efficiency.

Payroll and HR Services for Small Businesses - Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

Address the unique challenges faced by small businesses and emphasize the customized solutions we offer.

Unlock Your Business Potential with Professional Payroll and HR Services

Highlight the potential business growth and increased productivity that can be achieved by partnering with our experienced HR professionals.

Say Goodbye to HR Headaches - Trust Our Payroll and HR Experts

Address the pain points associated with HR management, emphasizing the relief and peace of mind provided by our expert team.

frequently asked questions

1. Which HR services can we outsource?

HR Outsourcing services comprise maintaining track of various employee profiles and responsibilities such as mass recruitment and temporary staffing. Outsourcing HR will also help you with payroll administration, training, quality control, talent acquisition, performance management, background screening, reference checks, risk management, and more.

2. Why is HR Outsourcing important?
3. Do companies outsource payroll in Canada?